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~Mitch & Danielle

About Richard :: Wedding Photographer

Having studied in the year-long photography programme at the Banff School of Fine Arts 20 years ago, I find myself still here in the Banff area and still doing photography. Life has given me the opportunity to use my craft and my abilities to support myself by concentrating mainly on wedding and portrait photography. A degree in psychology and grad work in counselling doesn't hurt either for helping to smooth out the day. Remember that while technical skills with a digital camera are supposedly universally available, it is even more important to find a photographer with the interpersonal skills to handle the emotions and challenges of the day.  Your photographer must be part of your family for that day and know how to deal with issues that will definitely arise.  I have had to take a bride to a seamstress to be sewn into her dress an hour before the ceremony.  I have had to get the hotel concierge to pick up their cake which was dropped by the groom onto the lobby floor at the hotel - and have the hotel recreate that cake in a 6 hour window. 

Sometimes, it seems that couples would love to have "Uncle Bob" as their photographer - if only he knew what he was doing, had three cameras.... and stayed sober. It is my intention to have all my clients end up knowing at the end of their wedding day that their "Uncle Richard" helped them through their day AND produced those great photographs. My approach is to provide you with amazing images that go beyond the snapshot and into the realm of fine art. As a professional photographer, my spare time and joy is in photographing the Rockies and anywhere else to which I can travel. France, Mexico, Guatemala or the beauty of Canada. I am not a fireman with a camera; a mom with a camera; a cook with a camera..... I am a photographer. That is all I do. I know that my fine art background and big film cameras which I also love, bring another deeper dynamic to the wedding photographs we will create together. Collaboration between you and me creates these images....it is a two-way street and it shows.

There is a cool trend these days for that nouveau look of crooked, fuzzy, washed-out, over-photoshopped snapshots. While I could do that style, I choose to pursue a fun, creative, affordable and whimsical style of sharp, well-composed images. Some direction, some candid and all you! Check out the website images; come visit for coffee and to look at portfolios in person or contact me. High resolution edited images, lots of prints and a new friend....."Uncle Richard". Twenty years, hundreds of weddings - relax and enjoy your wedding.

Pricing from $1200 elopements to $3000 larger weddings. Every wedding is different so let's chat. The main body of our work together will be with high end Nikon digital cameras. However if you love film, I still use big film cameras and can provide whatever you want.