Wedding Dress

posted january 25, 2013

By: Richard Alan Brown

When the brides choose that perfect dress, it reflects everything that they want to say on their wedding day. It might be short and sassy. It might be long and elegant. But as the professional photographer, I know it is my job to make sure the images we create together capture many aspects and views of the wedding dress. Very important point when researching a photographer for your wedding day is to look at how they capture the dress. The most important thing to look for is detail. So often I have seen great shots of the bride but the dress is a white blob! There is no indication of detail or lines or design because the photographer has "blown out the highlights". You don't need to understand photography to know that there is something wrong. A bride needs to trust that her photographer knows how to handle light and by looking carefully at a portfolio, one can usually tell. A photographer can say they are a professional but it doesn't mean it is true.

The image attached is one I did of a lovely bride from England who was married at the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise. She carried that dress all the way here, steamed it and on her wedding day I had so much fun finding ways to highlight the dress. Years ago when the Conference Centre opened, John Bonner was the first photographer I know to post a great image of a bride in this spot. And if you get the right light and the right exposure it can be amazing. My client loved this photograph.